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Quality Waterproofing O.D. LLC

Quality Waterproofing

Quality Waterproofing O.D. LLC

Quality Waterproofing, in Cincinnati and Dayton, specializes in waterproofing residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on our reputation for Quality. Whether it’s cracked or bowed walls or sinking floors from water damage, sump pumps, internal draining systems, or driveway sealing, our team at Quality Waterproofing has the experience to make sure your property is waterproof! We are a Veteran Owned Company.

Why Work With Us?

We are committed to both  our customers and our employees. When you accept a position with Quality Waterproofing, you are taking on responsibility, hard work, the desire to learn, and ultimately a career you can be proud of.

Below you’ll see two general career paths Quality Waterproofing offers. One is geared more towards hands-on, in the field installation and management, while the other focuses on dealing directly with the customer, understanding his or her needs, and giving great customer service.

When you start, you’ll receive extensive hands-on training regardless of which path you choose. As you progress, you’ll also be required to achieve certifications that will transfer and stay with you throughout your career. There may be some opportunity to change your path after you start – for instance, if you begin as an Account Associate but decide you’d rather be more hands-on, you can switch paths early on. Each path will give you the opportunity to learn everything you need to know to someday run your own business.

The years of experience listed next to each position are suggested lengths of time. Your particular path and the duration spent at each level are determined by your goals and ultimately what you want to accomplish.

As you advance, you will take on more responsibility, and most importantly, more financial rewards.